Gary Calvert
by Gary Calvert | 4:50 pm

It’s My Birthday Miracle

It was just another day. I awoke around 6 AM and dragged my withered old body to the bathroom. Yes, that’s what us old farts do every time we wake up. Five minute nap…

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Emerald Crypto turns 4 years old
by Gary Calvert | 6:42 pm

Emerald Crypto: 4 Years of 20 Second Blocks… and Counting

On June 16, 2013 at 5:01 UTC, the genesis block was solved on a new crypto-currency. Emerald Crypto [EMD] was born. The coin itself was not a huge departure from existing coins. Based on

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by Gary Calvert | 12:52 am

Just a Test of Freedom

I purchased a new television today and was wondering what my laptop, which has a very nice screen, would look like projected on this new behemoth sitting in front of me.So I ran an

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state of Gary - 2015
by Gary Calvert | 12:12 am

The State of Gary – 2015

Wow! It’s hard to believe that another year has flown past. Another birthday has arrived and it’s time for my annual state of Gary post. So, what has happened in the past year? For

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Gary Calvert is fifty
by Gary Calvert | 12:13 am

Fifty Facts About Gary Calvert

Another revolution has passed around the sun and it is once again time for another Gary Calvert birthday week celebration. But, being that this is a milestone (my fiftieth birthday), I was thinking that

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new year resolution b.s.
by Gary Calvert | 12:01 am

New Year Resolution B.S.

Every year people around the world resolve to do things differently in the new year. These resolutions vary from losing weight, to working harder, to just being a better person to your fellow man.

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First Thanksgiving
by Gary Calvert | 8:00 am

Happy Thanksgiving Henryetta!

Once again the time of year that American’s use to reflect and be thankful is upon us. Thanksgiving is a nearly 400 year old tradition in the U.S. that was started by the Pilgrims

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sunrise on Gary Calvert's 50th birthday in 365 days
by Gary Calvert | 12:09 am

In 365 Days…

It seems a bit improbable that I have survived this long. I have entered my fiftieth orbit around the big scare ball (AKA the sun) and there appears to be no turning back. In

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