We Are Back

GaryCalvert.com is back online. In the coming days we will be restoring some of our past articles and adding new content. There is much that we are working on at the present, and much more to come in the future. So stay tuned into GaryCalvert.com for the latest in the world of Gary Calvert: Author, web developer, genius… and of course: darts hustler, beer lover, mad man, minarchist, etc.

Update 8-8-2015:

Several posts have been added from the past (and a new birthday post, today!). We continue to scour our backups and some hard-written copies of work to add to GaryCalvert.com. There are some works that no one has seen, yet. There are many more that have been published to other sites that we no longer use. Still further, there are some works that we lost during a server crash (between backups) that we have yet to locate the hand-written copies.

By the way (In case you didn’t know)… I write most of my stuff by hand in notebooks before publishing them to the website. Something about a pencil on paper that gets my creative juices flowing.

As we progress we will search out and add the posts that we believe our readers will enjoy the most. We will also be adding new content regularly (hopefully). There are a lot of ideas and much more to say about them.

Thanks for reading GaryCalvert.com and keep checking back. We are sure that you will be entertained.


One other note… We did not restore the previous comments on the old articles. Soo… If you have something to say about anything that is written at GaryCalvert.com, please feel free to make a comment, suggestion or just tell us to go to hell. It would be appreciated.