Author, Entrepreneur, Darts Hustler, Genius

Author, Entrepreneur, Darts Hustler, Genius

Who is Gary Calvert? The title kind of says it all… but not quite. I suppose you could include recreational gold miner, semi-pro poker player, and beer connoisseur in the list as well. But on with the pertinent facts…

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I have authored several ebooks and articles over the years. I have had articles published in newspapers and magazines as well as on numerous blogs and websites across the internet. You may be able to find some of my eBook titles on Amazon today and will soon have other books listed there (available both electronically and in print form), as well.


I grew up in the home of an entrepreneur, so it was instilled in me at an early age that I should run my own business and not rely on the employment of someone else.

I started my first business when I was ten years old. We lived in a rural area, but the few neighbors we did have had kids near my age. I would repair and customize their bicycles for them. I did not make a ton of money, but an extra hundred dollars or so a month was pretty good for a child my age in 1974.

Since that time, I have started numerous businesses both online and offline. I have personally developed a computer company that generated two million dollars in sales, in only its second year in business. I sold that company nearly twelve years ago and have since been working primarily online.

The sale of that company leads us to our next part…


Darts Hustler:

My time with my family, while running the computer company had been very limited. Shortly after the sale of the company, my wife decided I needed to find a hobby because I was driving her crazy being home all of the time.

I started to go to a local pub, on occasion and drink a couple of beers, just to get out of the house. I met some pretty serious darts players and started throwing with them, when I was there. As with most things, if I am going to do it, I want to do it well.

I practiced. I became pretty good, winning the weekly blind -draw darts tournament regularly. Then I started to get really good. At one time (with whatever partner I drew) I won thirty-six tournaments in a row. It became the joke around the pub at drawing time:

“Who is going to win this week?” – Whomever drew me as their partner.

During this time period, I did do a little darts hustling at other bars and with people who came into our bar wanting to play for some cash.

I still throw decent darts, today. Not as well as in my prime, but… I will still take you on!

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The title of genius was put upon me at a very young age. I began to read at three years of age. Before I had turned five, I had read the entire World Book™ encyclopedia series (including the Childcraft™ books and the 1965 Yearbook). I knew how to add, subtract, multiply and divide.

The following year, when it became time for me to start school, I was not allowed to attend Kindergarten because there was nothing for them to teach me.

When first grade rolled around, I was despised by my teacher because I thought (and still believe to this day) that I knew more than she did. Unfortunately, our school system did not allow students to skip grades, so I had to endure their inadequacies for another eleven years.

Although I do regard myself as one of the most intelligent people in the world, I know that I am not perfect. I still learn new things each day. If I were not constantly looking to learn new ways of doing things, then I would become stagnant and probably die… But, for now; I live on!

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